Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Broad-winged Hawk Nestlings Photos

If you've read my blog lately you know that I have been keeping my eye on a Broad-winged Hawk nest at Norchester and Broadmeade. Friday was the first time I saw a nestling peeking out at me from over the edge of the nest. Today after work I wandered over with my binoculars and camera hoping to get some pictures. Success! Here's a picture of one of the parents and 2 nestlings on the nest. (The nestling on the left had its head down.) After a few minutes the parent flew down and buzzed me! It veered within 5 feet of me and flew across the street where it called a couple times. I moved to another viewing angle and then I saw 3 nestlings! The third must have been lying down in the nest -- it was not visible at all from my first angle.

After watching the nest for a little while longer and not finding a better viewing angle, the parent buzzed me again! So I took the hint and headed home. Here's another picture from the original angle showing both visible nestlings' heads. These nestlings probably won't be on the nest for much longer. I bet they'll be able to fly in a week. So if you live in the neighborhood, check them out soon!

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Anonymous said...

Great job finding this nest and documenting breeding for our area!