Sunday, June 15, 2008

Broad-winged Hawk Nestling

Friday evening I walked by the Broad-winged Hawk nest at Broadmeade and Norchester. (I was on my way to one of the NASWC wine tasting parties which have been lots of fun and a great way to meet neighbors.) I was excited to see a single nestling looking at me from over the edge of the nest. I've been watching the nest for over a month but this was the first nestling I've seen. This morning I checked the nest again while I was out jogging. I did not see the nestling but one of the parents was flying around nearby making its long single-note call. These birds are very interesting to me because our neighborhood is just barely in the extreme southwestern edge of their breeding range. Red-shouldered Hawks are similar and much more common around here. This picture is of one of the parent Broad-winged Hawks that I took on May 11. I'm hoping I can get some new pictures of the nestling soon.

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