Thursday, February 23, 2012

Possibly Nesting Cooper's Hawks

Sunday morning I birded Lake Creek Trail starting at the Braes Valley parking lot. I was hoping to find the Fox Sparrow that Barry Noret found there on Saturday. I did not find the sparrow, but when I returned to the parking lot I was excited to find two Cooper's Hawks. I heard them vocalizing and then found them in the willow trees between the parking lot and the creek. I briefly saw the smaller male hop into a large nest! Cooper's Hawks are a common winter resident, but they are rare in the summer. I'm very curious to keep observing this location to see if these birds actually nest here. I took this photo of the male.

Possibly Nesting Cooper's Hawks - Male

Click through for a photo of the female and possible nest.

Possibly Nesting Cooper's Hawks - Female

Possibly Nesting Cooper's Hawks - Nest

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Anonymous said...

I believe I just saw one of these fly over. I live over off of Sherbourne.