Sunday, May 23, 2010

Neighborhood Data in eBird

As I've written about before, I enter all my neighborhood sightings into the online bird observation database eBird. Our neighborhood has 2 eBird Hotspot locations -- one on either end of Lake Creek Trail. Yesterday I transferred most of my neighborhood sightings to the one called "Lake Creek Trail (Williamson Co.)". Now most of my sightings show up on the "Lake Creek Trail Observations in eBird" link under "Important Stuff" near the top right of my blog. Check out the link and see the over 200 species that I and other local birders have found on our little hike-and-bike trail!

1 comment:

Dan Huber said...

Nice - I love using ebird, especially in this way as you can track activity and what you havnt seen at that location yet.