Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Golden-crowned Kinglet!

I'm on vacation this week, so I spent a couple hours birding on the streets this morning (Broadmeade, Sherbourne, Longvale, Newberry, Meadowheath, Stillforest, etc.). I was excited to find this Golden-crowned Kinglet on Sherbourne, the first one I've seen in the neighborhood since March, 2007. I think Golden-crowned Kinglets have good years and bad years, or have varying wintering grounds. Some years you can find them in the neighborhood and some years you can't. They look very similar to our much more common Ruby-crowned Kinglets except for the head. Golden-crowned Kinglets have white and black stripes over their eyes with a single yellow ("golden") stripe down the center of the crown which is always visible in both sexes. Ruby-crowned Kinglets don't have any stripes on their face -- they just have a big white eye ring. The males have a red ("ruby") crest which is only visible when they get excited about something and raise it. These 2 kinglets can also be told apart by the sounds the make, which you can listen to at the links above.

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