Monday, October 25, 2010

3 Common Animals

Sunday morning I spent about 2 and a half hours birding Lake Creek Trail starting at Parmer Village. I hadn't realized that it had been over a month since I've birded this part of the trail. Last time was right after the flood. I started out by the Parmer Lane bridge and saw that most of the old cattails are dead (probably from the high water) but new ones are growing in. I played recordings of some of the marsh birds I've found here in the winter but the only one I saw or heard was a single male Common Yellowthroat in the reeds. Overall it was a breezy and quiet morning, but I was treated to 3 views of 3 common but beautiful animals we have here.

Northern Mockingbirds were particularly numerous yesterday. I counted 19 while I was out and on my way upstream from the bridge 3 or 4 were in some Rattlebush along side the creek bed. I was able to take 1 photo before they flew away and it ended up coming out quite nice. I like the variety of colors the seed pods are right now, and the bushes haven't lost their leaves yet.

Northern Mockingbird in Rattlebush

Continuing my way upstream I crossed the last dam and birded the woods between the creek and Anderson Mill Road. The only birds I found were a couple Eastern Phoebes but by a smaller drainage that flows in the the creek I found 2 Raccoons. Of course these animals are extremely common, and I wasn't too happy last year when one got into my attic. But I sure did enjoy watching this pair by the creek. I got this photo of one of them.


I made my way back to the creek and across the dam to the patch of woods on the other side. Again, things were mostly quiet except for a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and a couple House Wrens. But I found 2 Monarch Butterflies finding some shelter from the wind and I got this photo of one of them. Monarch Butterflies are migratory and these were making their way south to Mexico.

Monarch Butterfly


Annie in Austin said...

What a beautiful mockingbird photo, Mikael! Raccoon sightings were frequent when we lived in Illinois (including a nest in the chimney) but we didn't see mockingbirds until we moved to Texas.
Usually one or two are around, but the other day there were four of them hanging out, moving from one part of our yard to another.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Mikael Behrens said...

Thanks Annie! I think we have lots of Northern Mockingbirds around right now because all the new birds that hatched this summer haven't spread out from their parents' territories yet. But that's just a guess.