Monday, December 8, 2008

NASWC Bird Walk

Yesterday morning 8 of us met at the Parmer Village development for the December NASWC bird walk. The conditions were cold, clear, and absolutely calm as the sun rose. By the time we were done, it was warmer, a little wind had picked up, and we had found 35 species of birds. Here are the highlights.

  • We saw small groups of American Goldfinches in the patch of woods by the creek. These winter residents have been increasing in numbers for the past few weeks.
  • This Red-shouldered Hawk was perched over the creek near the last dam and did not seem to mind us at all.

  • 2 Spotted Towhees were heard and briefly seen in the patch of woods near the creek.
  • I was most excited to find about 12 Cedar Waxwings eating hackberries near the edge of the same patch of woods. These sleek beautiful birds are winter residents and were the first Cedar Waxwings I have seen this season.

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