Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bird 163: Blackpoll Warbler

For my birthday today I got up way too early and went birding in the neighborhood -- what else would I do? I wasn't sure I'd see many migrating songbirds since spring migration is tapering off now. But I was thrilled to find 9 species of warblers, mostly on the flood plain property. The bird of the day was a Blackpoll Warbler I found foraging with a Yellow Warbler in a mimosa tree. I've only rarely seen this bird before. After I got back I was surprised to learn that the Blackpoll Warbler migrates further than any other warbler -- some winter in Brazil and summer in Alaska! The last time I saw one was on a trip to Ecuador I took last year. So it was a real treat to see one in our neighborhood. It was also nice to see two beautiful male Mourning Warblers, both on the flood plain property. These are some of the later migrants, so seeing them is a signal that spring migration is in its later stages.

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