Thursday, February 1, 2007


About this Blog

This blog is a place where I can post quick reports and pictures about finding birds in my neighborhood. It was originally meant to supplement my neighborhood association birding column and to show my community the amazing variety of birds and other wildlife we have here. Hopefully it will even spark a few neighbors' interest. The blog audience has grown a bit beyond just the neighborhood, which is great! I hope it can promote local birding in general. You don't always have to drive 10 miles to find neat birds.

About Me

I've lived in Austin since 1983 and became an avid birder in about 1994. In early 2004 I bought a house on Broadmeade Avenue in northwest Austin and I have been surprised and delighted by the variety of birds here. In 2006 I started keeping records of my neighborhood bird sightings in eBird. In late 2006 I started writing about our neighborhood birds and leading a monthly bird walk for NASWC, our neighborhood association. I started this blog in early 2007.

About the Pictures and the Birds

All the pictures on this blog are taken in the NASWC area (see this map) by me or a neighbor. (Most are hosted in Flickr and geo-tagged, so just click on them to see exactly where they were taken.)  All the birds reported were observed in this same area. All pictures are copyright protected © 2010 by Mikael Behrens, all rights reserved.

Contact Me

If you're interested in my monthly neighborhood bird walk, or if you'd like to contact me for another reason, you can find my email address here.

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