Sunday, February 12, 2017

Birding on Broadmeade Walk

Better late then never, here are a few highlights from the Birding on Broadmeade group walk a week ago on 2/5/2017. Starting at 8:00 AM, 9 people joined me at the Parmer Village end of Lake Creek Trail. We spent over 2.5 hours covering about 1 mile of the trail in mild overcast weather.

  • While we were waiting at the Parmer Village pond, a Sharp-shinned Hawk flew by. Then a Crested Caracara flew by and landed first on top of a house, and then in the trees across the creek. A few of us got good looks at it through my spotting scope.
  • Many flocks of American Robins flew over us the whole time. My estimated total was 750 individual birds.
  • Everyone got close looks at this Northern Mockingbird eating the bright red berries off of a Possum Haw (Ilex decidua) bush.
    Northern Mockingbird and Possumhaw
  • At the end of the walk back at the Parmer Village pond, we watched a Double-crested Cormorant swallow a large sunfish. How did fish get in that pond? Is it stocked? Is it connected with Lake Creek?
    Double-crested Cormorant with Sunfish
Here's our complete bird list.


Anonymous said...

My biologist friend says birds bring fish eggs on their feet from other creeks, ponds etc...

Anonymous said...

beautiful photo of the mockingbird; hope to join the walk soon.