Monday, September 28, 2015

Birding on Broadmeade Pond Watch

Five folks met me Saturday morning for the monthly Pond Watch migratory dragonfly observation. It was a bit warm, but a little cooler than in previous months. At the meeting spot by the Parmer Village pond there were a few Blue dashers in a tree. Here's one:

Blue Dasher

And in the same tree there were briefly a couple Citrine Forktails, our smallest damselfly. I finally got my camera to focus on this one:

Citrine Forktail

Of the five species that Pond Watch tracks, Variegated Meadowhawk and Spot-winged Glider were absent, and we only saw about 5 Wandering Gliders. But Common Green Darners and Black Saddlebags were both abundant, hunting over the creek bed, mating, and laying eggs in the pond at the last dam on the creek. We even found a perching Black Saddlebags that I was able to photograph:

Black Saddlebags - 2

I was excited to be able to show the group our smallest dragonfly, a male Eastern Amberwing, that we found in the creek bed. These guys are at most just one inch long:

Eastern Amberwing

It felt like dragonfly diversity was less than last month, but we ended up finding just as many species (15). And a new one was Twelve-spotted Skimmer, which has started being seen in the Austin area just in the past few weeks. Unfortunately the nice male we observed did not perch for a photo. We did have a nice Roseate Skimmer male perch for us, which I can rarely resist photographing:

Roseate Skimmer

Here's our complete dragonfly list:

  1. American Rubyspot
  2. Black Saddlebags
  3. Blue Dasher
  4. Blue-ringed Dancer
  5. Citrine Forktail
  6. Common Green Darner
  7. Eastern Amberwing
  8. Eastern Pondhawk
  9. Four-spotted Pennant
  10. Powdered Dancer
  11. Rambur's Forktail
  12. Roseate Skimmer
  13. Swift Setwing
  14. Twelve-spotted Skimmer
  15. Wandering Glider

And here are a few more photos. What a fun morning!


Lori said...

Great photos! Sorry I missed it.

Meese Chanon said...

I will be coming this Saturday. Anything specific I should know? Melissa

Mikael Behrens said...

Meese, sorry to say there will not be a group Pond Watch this Saturday. There are very few odonates in that area right now, and I've just been to busy. Look for a notice on the CAMN Facebook group or an email from me about when the next one will be scheduled.