Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two Large Birds

A couple folks have emailed me photos of two interesting large birds seen on or near Lake Creek Trail recently. Sukumar Veena who often comes on my monthly neighborhood bird walks, was driving on Parmer near Anderson Mill Road on 10/9/2012 when he saw Wild Turkeys! They were on the undeveloped private property across Parmer from Parmer Village. He pulled over and got this great photo of a male turkey. I have never observed this species in the neighborhood. Maybe one will show up on Lake Creek Trail one day!

Floyd Ward was on Lake Creek Trail before dawn on 10/19/2012 (just yesterday) when he found a Great Horned Owl on one of the wires over the creek. These large birds are common year-round residents here, but their nocturnal habits make them rare to observe. Listen for them in the evenings. They tend to be more vocal in early fall when the temperature finally gets cooler. Floyd took this lovely silhouette photo with his iPhone!

Great Horned Owl

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