Sunday, May 29, 2011

Feeling like Summer

I spent about 2 hours on Lake Creek Trail this morning, starting from the Parmer Village end. It was warm and breezy and for the first time since spring migration started I did not see any north-bound migrating birds. So I guess it's time to enjoy our year-round and summer resident birds, and whatever other wildlife is out there. Speaking of other wildlife, I was excited flush this Eastern Cottontail in the patch of woods by the last dam on the creek. I haven't seen one on the trail in months.

Eastern Cottontail

Getting back to birds...

There were lots of new birds (hatched this spring) out and about, including European Starlings, House Sparrows, Carolina Wrens, Northern Mockingbirds, Mourning Doves, and Northern Cardinals. Here's a juvenile cardinal I found near the east end of the Town and Country playing fields.

Juvenile Northern Cardinal

Even though they're one of our most common backyard birds, I don't have many decent photos of Carolina Wrens. Here's one I got near where I saw the rabbit. These are year-round residents that you can hear just about every morning singing "teakettle teakettle teakettle teakettle".

Carolina Wren

On my way back I found 2 female Lesser Goldfinches on one of their favorite plants, a sunflower. Here's one of them.

Lesser Goldfinch

Also fun to find was the first Bronzed Cowbird I've seen in the neighborhood this year. Unfortunately it didn't let me approach close enough for a photo.

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. Happy Memorial Day!

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