Sunday, November 1, 2009

NASWC Bird Walk

I wasn't sure if anyone would show up the morning after Halloween, but 7 of us participated in the November NASWC Bird Walk this morning. We enjoyed clear and cool conditions and found 37 species of birds. Here are some highlights:
  • At 7:00 AM mist was over the Parmer Village drainage pond, partially obscuring 3 American Coots and 4 Pied-billed Grebes. The picture above shows one of the grebes in the mist.
  • By the last dam we got great looks at a Blue-headed Vireo, one of the more colorful winter-resident songbirds that has recently returned. Some of us also saw an Indigo Bunting, which is on its way south. It's a bit late to see them.
  • Also by the last dam this Double-crested Cormorant was perched on a dead tree over the water. These large duck-like winter-resident birds swim under water and catch fish.

  • A few of us took a close look at a clear shallow area of the creek and we found it loaded with tiny life. I was surprised by this snail crawling upside down on the surface tension of the water!

  • Further upstream we got good looks at 2 Nashville Warblers, 2 Ruby-crowned Kinglets, and 1 Orange-crowned Warbler.
  • Throughout the morning we got brief looks at several species of native sparrows which are newly returned winter residents of our neighborhood. They included Vesper Sparrows, Lincoln's Sparrows, Song Sparrows, 1 Savannah Sparrow, and 1 Chipping Sparrow. I got this picture of one of the Song Sparrows.

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