Thursday, July 23, 2009

Broad-winged Hawk

At around 6:00 PM today on my way home from work I was driving east on Shady Oaks when I thought I heard the high-pitched whistle-like call of a Broad-winged Hawk. I started listening for it and heard it again, so I circled back and looked and listened some more. I finally saw the hawk on top of a telephone pole near Shady Oaks and Sherbourne. I pulled over and took a long look and watch it vocalize one more time. It looked like a juvenile bird that was transitioning into adult plumage. Last summer I blogged about a pair of Broad-winged Hawks that built a nest right on Broadmeade. They did not return to that nest this year, but I heard a Broad-winged Hawk earlier this summer near the one I saw today, and I heard from a neighbor that there was a nest nearby. So I'm guessing this bird was part of that brood. Very neat!

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