Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why did the Chicken Cross the Trail?

I'm still laughing about this. Monday morning I got an email from my neighbor Steven McDonald on Perthshire with the same subject line as the title of this post. Attached was this picture. He had been out birding on Lake Creek Trail and ran into this chicken walking around near the parking lot at the end of Braes Valley. He said it was pretty tame and even followed him around a bit. Another birding surprise from the neighborhood! I emailed the Redneck Mother to see if she was missing any of her chickens, but all of hers were accounted for.

Steven also sent me these pictures of 2 Summer Tanagers he found while he was out. We only see these birds in the neighborhood during migration, and the males are the only all red birds besides Northern Cardinals that occur here.

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Michael Ziegler said...

Sorry we missed the chicken! Jan and I walk that trail often and have not seen her yet.
BTW, Jan and I enjoyed meeting you on our walk yesterday! Hope we'll catch up on the next birding tour.
Best regards,
Mike Z