Friday, April 10, 2009

Sparrows and Gulls

After work today I spent about 2 hours birding Stillforest, Meadowheath, and part of Lake Creek Trail. After the summer-like temperatures yesterday, today the weather was just about perfect. And spring migration is continuing! I found 34 species and here are a few highlights:
  • There is still a Red-shouldered Hawk on a nest at Chester Forest and Stillforest.
  • I saw a flock of 24 Cedar Waxwings on Meadowheath.
  • Near the trail footbridge there's a brush pile out in the middle of the creek bed that has reliably had a few Lincoln's Sparrows in it for the past month. I checked it out tonight and after a couple pishes, I counted 16 Lincoln's Sparrows on it! (I got this picture a couple weeks ago nearby).

  • Near Holbrook Street I found a single House Wren.
  • On my way back, I saw 6 birds flying pretty low in a V towards me. As they flew over I saw that they were gulls with black heads and black-flecked-with-white wing tips: Franklin's Gulls! Starting now and lasting about a month you can sometimes see these migratory gulls flying north over our neighborhood. What a treat to see them!

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