Monday, April 20, 2009

Lots of Songs

I had the day off today so I spent a couple hours birding the neighborhood. I got a late start and left the house at about 8:40 AM. As soon as I opened the back door I heard a Black-throated Green Warbler, a Yellow-rumped Warbler, and a Blue-headed Vireo singing, along with the songs of several more common resident species. What a morning! I stayed in my backyard for about 30 minutes watching these birds as well as Orange-crowned Warblers, Nashville Warblers, and Ruby-crowned Kinglets. I got this picture of one of the Nashville Warblers, which shows its main distinguishing characteristics: a yellow breast, belly, and throat, a grey head and face, and a white eye-ring. These small birds are very common and vocal in the neighborhood right now. Keep your eyes and ears open for them.

I ended up staying on the streets this morning, walking down Stillforest, Meadowheath, Sherbrooke, Sherbourne, and parts of Broadmeade. It was a beautiful morning filled with birdsong and roofer hammers. Some other highlights were 2 Cooper's Hawks, 3 migrating Broad-winged Hawks, and a single Clay-colored Sparrow. Many Clay-colored Sparrows are moving through the area now, and sometimes you can find them by their low buzzy insect-like song. (I think it sounds a bit like a weed-wacker.) I found this one in some dense brush by the bridge at Broadmeade and Braeburn Glen. I got this picture of it singing, the best I've gotten of this species so far.

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