Monday, February 23, 2009

Cave Swallows

Steven McDonald and I spent a little over an hour this evening birding Lake Creek Trail near Parmer Village. We were trying to find a Harris's Sparrow which has been reported there recently by Gracen Duffield. We did not find the sparrow, but on our way back Steven spotted a group of about 70 swallows flying over the Parmer Lane bridge. When we got closer I saw and heard that they were Cave Swallows and got this picture. It was an impressive sight, watching them swirl around in the air. And just as I was looking down they all disappeared under the bridge to roost. This was the first large group of swallows I've seen this year. As the sun set we watched several flocks of ducks fly over, mostly Northern Shovelers with a few Green-winged Teal. Just before we left 4 Ring-necked Ducks landed in the drainage pond. I got this picture off towards the T&C playing fields.


Dawn said...

Sorry you didn't find the Harris's Sparrow yet. The Cave Swallow photos are cool. I wonder if the swallows that live under the bridges at 2222 & 360 Cave Swallows as well.

Mikael Behrens said...

Thanks Dawn. In my experience, the swallows under the 360 bridge have always been Cliff Swallows. But it would be worth keeping and eye out for a Cave Swallow there as well.