Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lake Creek Trail Cleanup

Yesterday (MLK Day) I helped out with a trail cleanup on our neighborhood Lake Creek Trail. Many thanks to Casey Kelly Barton and Chris Barton for organizing it. This is where I do most of my birding, so I really appreciate the effort and the results -- the trail looks better than it ever has before. We took care of a couple eyesores that have been on that floodplain property for years! Here's Casey's picture of the pile of trash we ended up with. (I think those first couple trash bags are in my garage waiting for pickup day.) I'll be out there Saturday morning finding more birds and less trash.


Chris Barton said...

We were glad to have you out there with us, Mikael. And you would not believe how quickly the county moved on clearing away the trash we collected -- and even going down on the trail to haul of the truck bed and the cab!

Mikael Behrens said...

That's great, Chris! Jim Rogers, the Williamson County parks and recreation director, has always been very responsive when I've emailed him asking to place boulders at different spots to block vehicle access onto the trail. This has slowed down (but not quite stopped) the dumping. Downstream of the playing fields there is still some evidence of people riding 4-wheelers. Hopefully I can figure out where they're getting in and suggest some new spots for boulders.