Wednesday, December 3, 2008

45 Minutes on the Trail

After an annoying few days at work this week I got home a little early today and spent about 45 minutes on Lake Creek Trail. When I got home at about 4:30 it was calm and comfortable outside but 20 minutes later when I got out on the trail it was noticeably cooler and the windy. I got this shot of the sun setting near Holbrook St.

Evening is usually not a very good time to find birds, and wind makes it even harder, so I only found 13 species between the trail parking lot and the footbridge. These included a Great Egret and 2 Wilson's Snipe on the creek. I also found 4 species of native sparrow between the trail and the creek bed (Chipping, Field, Song, and Lincoln's). These and the sunset colors in the sky on the way back easily made this the best 45 minutes of the week so far.

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