Sunday, March 30, 2008

Record morning

I spent this humid and muggy morning birding the Town and Country playing fields and along Lake Creek between the fields and Parmer Lane. I had a record morning, finding 68 species. Lots of birds are moving north through central Texas. Many of those birds are already singing in anticipation of arriving their breeding grounds. One of these is the White-eyed Vireo. I counted 10 this morning and got this picture of one singing along the creek.

Another very common migrant right now is the Lincoln's Sparrow. There are some here all winter but right now there are also many coming through that wintered south of us. This morning I counted 11 Lincoln's Sparrows. This one was in a strip of woods between the new hike and bike trail and the creek. Both of these birds like to stay in deep low cover, so it was satisfying to get a couple pretty decent pictures of them.

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