Sunday, March 2, 2008

NASWC Bird Walk

This morning 2 of us participated in the March NASWC bird walk. It was windy and a bit cool, but there were still some interesting birds to be seen. We started at the parking lot at the end of Meadowheath and headed downstream, ending up at the last dam on Lake Creek. We found 31 species of birds. Here are some highlights:
  • There were 13 Blue-winged Teal near the last dam on the creek. (Here's a picture I took of a few near the same spot in March 2007.) I was excited to find them because I haven't seen Blue-winged Teal on the creek all winter long. It's nice to know the new construction hasn't scared them away permanently.
  • Nearby there was also a single Gadwall, 8 Greater Yellowlegs, a Belted Kingfisher, and a hunting Great Blue Heron. We had a nice array of water birds.
  • I saw 2 Barn Swallows flying over the creek heading north, the first I've seen this year.
  • A single Ring-billed Gull flew over the soccer fields.
  • We watched a flock of nearly 100 Cedar Waxwings.
  • On one of the soccer fields there was a mixed flock of Starlings and Brown-headed Cowbirds, offering a nice comparison between the 2 similar-looking species.

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