Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No Trespassing

I spent last weekend down in Port Aransas to visit family and enjoy the Whooping Crane Festival down there. So I was happy to get out this morning before work for about an hour, and bird the flood plain property. It was cold and clear and still -- a beautiful morning. I estimated over 160 Cedar Waxwings in a single flock perched high in the trees. A few are pictured here in the clear morning light. I also saw 2 swallows -- the first I've seen in the neighborhood this morning. Unfortunately they were too far away for me to identify by the time I got them in my binoculars. On the creek I saw the Green Heron that has been wintering here, as well as 7 Greater Yellowlegs and a Wilson's Snipe.

I was disappointed to see 2 new No Trespassing signs on the other side of the creek on the Amber Oaks corporate center property. I've birded over there a lot and found some good birds. That was where I've seen Great Horned Owls most often. I'll miss being able to cross the creek to find birds by their drainage pond and undeveloped woods.

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