Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winter Green Heron

This morning was cold and clear, and extremely quiet and still. It was a nice change from all the wind yesterday. I found this Green Heron on Lake Creek just downstream of the first dam. Only a few Green Herons winter this far north, so it was fun to find one on our creek. Other highlights:
  • Downstream there were about 20 Gadwall, which were the first wild ducks I've seen on the creek this season.
  • Near Broadmeade and Chester Forest 6 Cedar Waxwings flew, another first of the season.
  • I found Swamp Sparrows in the creek bed near the Parmer bridge. I've seen a few Swamp Sparrows in the neighborhood before, but only during spring or fall migration. It's interesting to know that some winter here.
Here's another unexpected sighting from this morning. At least it doesn't bark!


S. Brown said...

I thought the grass was either bushy blue stem or big blue stem -- Scott confirms that it is bushy blue stem.

kbobetnp (the word verification for the day -- I am strangely interested in them.)

Mikael Behrens said...

Thanks Susan and Scott! It's nice to know there's at least some native grass in the neighborhood. Can't wait to find more!