Thursday, October 25, 2007

Red-shouldered Hawk

On Sunday a neighbor on Sherbourne sent me this picture of a Red-shouldered Hawk he took in his backyard. I see both Red-shouldered and Red-tailed hawks in the neighborhood. Red-shouldered Hawks like to stay in the woods or edges of woods. They wait on a perch like this one and watch for prey to catch. That's why you find them in among the houses. Red-tailed Hawks like more open spaces and hunt more from the wing or from higher perches. So I usually see them by the T&C playing fields or just flying over other parts of the neighborhood. Both kinds of hawks live here all year long. During the winter we also get Cooper's Hawks and Sharp-shinned Hawks in the trees among the houses. And American Kestrels by the playing fields.

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Aaron DaMommio said...

Heh. I went from your post to the description of the Sharp-shinned Hawk, which was described as being "a regular visitor to bird feeders, where it eats birds, not seed." That's a funny image.

Man, I love to see hawks. But when you talk about 'em in the neighborhood all I can think about is my dad complaining about them taking his pigeons. ;)