Monday, September 3, 2007

More Warblers and a New Vireo

I couldn't resist birding all 3 days of Labor Day weekend. I got a late start this morning and followed Lake Creek downstream of the T&C playing fields. There I spent about 3 hours in the wooded area on the north side of the creek. I found a neat mix of migrating birds including:
I took this picture of the Blackburnian Warbler. Once again, it's a poor image but it's identifiable. This warbler is a very rare bird in the Austin area in the fall. Bell's Vireo is a new bird for my neighborhood list (#167). I didn't even realize I had seen one until I got back home and consulted my field guides. Originally I thought it was a Warbling Vireo but it didn't look quite right. So I wrote down some notes about its appearance as I watched it. Back at home I matched it up to the description and picture of Bell's Vireo in Sibley. The picture of an eastern drab adult was dead-on.

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