Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and other migrants

This morning was the most interesting birding in the neighborhood since spring migration. Some south-bound fall migrants are starting to show up. The most numerous were the Blue-gray Gnatcatchers. I counted 18 on my 2 mile walk. I got this mediocre picture of one of them on the flood plain property. They are very small and have a thin raspy call. Often they are easier heard than seen. I also found a single orangey yellow female Summer Tanager, 4 Orchard Orioles, and 3 Eastern Wood-Pewees. On my way back there were 2 Broad-winged Hawks flying and vocalizing over Stillforest and Hazelhurst. A neighbor on Hazelhurst told me the hawks had been circling and calling all morning. Maybe these were summer residents! Red-shouldered Hawks are much more common here, but a few Broad-wings nest in the Austin area.

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