Sunday, May 6, 2007

May NASWC Bird Walk

Three of us spent a couple hours walking through the flood plain property for this month's NASWC bird walk. Spring migration is peaking right now and there are lots of interesting birds moving through the area. But the southeast winds and thick leaf coverage on the trees made finding and seeing these birds difficult. Even so, we managed to get a few good looks at some cool birds. Some highlights:
  • The most cooperative bird was an Eastern Wood-Pewee that we watched flycatch from a perch in plain view. This is the bird pictured above. It even sang for us!
  • Nearby we got great looks at a Common Yellowthroat foraging around in the low brush. Normally found in the reeds alongside water, right now during migration this warbler can be found away from water in all kinds of trees and bushes.
  • We saw 2 male hummingbirds perched on wires. I think they were Black-chinned, but they could have been Ruby-throated.
  • We got nice looks at male and female Blue-winged Teal on the creek.
  • A couple Solitary Sandpipers and several Least Sandpipers were also on the creek.

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