Saturday, April 7, 2007


Wow, I love the dynamic weather of Texas springs. Just when you thought the cold weather was gone for good we get a day of rain and sleet. This female Black-chinned Hummingbird seemed glad to find the feeder on my back patio. I think it's a black-chinned because of the thicker wings, which I can only see because it's so close at my feeder.

After lunch today I ventured out for about an hour and a half around the T&C playing fields. I started at the flood plain property and then walked downstream to the end of the playing fields. It started lightly sleeting then so I decided to head back. I didn't see any concentrations of migrants like I hoped. But it was thrilling to see a Sharp-shinned Hawk circle over me carrying a smaller bird in its talons. I only saw it for a few seconds before it flew off, probably to find a secluded place to eat.

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