Thursday, March 1, 2007

Local GBBC Results

The 2007 Great Backyard Bird Count happened a couple weeks ago, February 16-19. I believe all the results are now in and I was pleased to find out that local birders reported 131 species of birds around town. (Click here to see the Austin results.) I submitted two counts from our neighborhood which included the only Brown Thrasher and Green Heron reported from the Austin area. I took this rather poor picture of the Brown Thrasher when I counted it on the morning of the 17th. (It was on the north side of Lake Creek just upstream of the T&C playing fields.) This bird is in the same family as the Northern Mockingbird, but it is usually much sneakier. They are real skulkers that love to stay hidden deep and low in the thick brush. It's always a treat to see one, so I'm glad I was lucky enough to find one for the count!

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